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Snookie Snookerwitz is a product spawned by my wife Juli when she was working as a teacher in Amarillo, Texas in 2001. She had an idea for making gourmet cocoas that could be bottled in ready-made flavors and soon discovered she also had a knack for bringing the flavors together into great-tasting individual recipes. With a blessed innocence and a brash entrepreneurial spirit she launched her business with seven bottled recipes.  The line has grown from there with new names and new recipes.  Juli finally left teaching to attend to her growing business,but there were some more changes in store. 

In 2006 Juli moved to Wilmore, Kentucky (near Lexington) to pursue a Christian EducationDegree from Asbury Seminary. At the time, she imagined that maybe her little business had come to an end so that she could follow the Lord as he led her in a new direction. I was already there studying to be a pastor and continuing with a personal recovery from addiction. 2nd Corinthians 5:15 says And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again.  Having suffered separately through divorce, we found hope again in the Lord and a resurrected marriage with each other.  We could no longer live just for ourselves.  As our lives filled up with family and change we thought maybe we were done with our gourmet mixes.

But the little business lived on and, in fact, began to flourish as we both blended our energy and gifts together with the spices. We love our customers here at Snookie Snookerwitz because each of you is partnering with us in helping others find the healing and hope we have found. Juli has begun a counseling center in our church and I have continued my work with men and recovery. Both of these vocations are made possible by your love of our products.

We include a note with every order because we think our business is personal.  You matter to us.  It’s a very busy wonderful life and we are so glad to have you in it with us.

Thanks again for your business.

Kevin and Juli Peak

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