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What’s New at Snookie Snookerwitz?

We’ve been staying busy here at Snookie Snookerwitz! We love each and every one of our customers, and you are worth every second we put into this business. We would just like to say how much we appreciate you. We hope that you have gotten to know us as a company and personally. We want all of our customers to feel like family here. As our business grows, we want to stay focused on what our goal was from the beginning, not only to sell a product, but to sell the experience and bring joy to each person that receives our products. We want to thank all of you who have been loyal customers, as well as those who have just recently heard about Snookie Snookerwitz. We have been updating on Facebook and Twitter, showing some of our favorite things on Pinterest, and we have more in store! We have big plans for the future and we hope that you will stick around and be a part of it! 





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